Greenhouse films Features
LUGUAN greenhouse films combine long life time, superior strength and high light transmission
with other, optional, characteristics that transform the film to an active contributor to
plant protection, growth and productivity.
Such useful features are:
We have a unique flexibility in combining the above effects according to the climate of an area, the kinds of crop grown, the type of greenhouse and other specific factors, to form tailor-made films that are best suited to each customer's requirements.
our Products
The daily production capacity of our company can reach more than 260 tons, its annual
production capacity of 95,000 tons. We take the lead in having passed ISO9001 quality system certification and
ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
5-layer Co-extrusion Technology
5-Layers Advanced Technology for manufacturing greenhouse films
Our brand

LUGUAN Plastic

Since 1994

We invested much capital in the development of anti-fogging agricultural films according to the market demand, a new type of anti-fogging film successfully developed in 1999 and named the "wet coating film" .

  • Established in
  • Number of Employees
    More Than 200
  • Annual sales
    45000 Tons
  • Equipment Show
    We have advanced production equipment and skilled workers,so we can offer you the best quality products.
  • Partner Show
    The quality of raw material determines the transmittance,tensile strength of the agricultural films directly.
    The raw material that we used are all imported from international well-known companies such as ExxonMobil,
    BASF, Dow, LG to provide the best agricultural films for the customers.